sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011


Oi pessoal!! Faz tempo que não posto mas tô cheia de ideias!!
Em fim, vim aqui pra recomendar o NevershoutNever! gente, é mtmtmt boom! É um cara chamado Christopher Dew que canta todas as músicas que são supersuper fofas! Vale muito a pena escutar as músicas dele!
Uma lista das minhas favoritas:
Your biggest fan
I love you 5
Jane Doe

Mas tem muuuuitas outras. Já falei aqui sobre Your biggest fan e aqui tá as melhores partes das melhores músicas:

"But even worse
I can't stop callin her
She's all I want and more
I mean, damn, whats not to adore?" Trouble

"I love you five times more than any boy from before
'Cause all they really cared about was whether you put out
And I truly believe [I Truly Believe]
That this love could be
And I could count five times off the top of my head
Where I sucked it in
Cause' you were hanging with him
And I got something to say
I Love You all the same" I love you 5

"Cause I'm overly attracted
And terribly convinced that she could be my princess
And I could be her prince
And I felt that way. since
Since I saw Jane Doe."Jane Doe

"Dear, I wrote you a song,
Despite the fact you did me wrong.
And dear, I don't know what the hell is going on with you,
But something ain't right.
You tell me that you love me
Then you go and leave me
Why you do this to me?
Baby, I'm lovesick.
I just can't eat,
Just can't sleep,
Can't do much of anything at all,
Cause I'm sick and in love with you dear" Lovesick

"I'm a real big fan of yours
But I'm quite the joke to you
But girl it wasn't a joke when you
Kissed me in your room and replied
"I love you too"
I'm a little bit insecure
From all of this mis-treatment
But see I'm workin it out
Workin it out is so damn hard
When you're alone" Your biggest Fan


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